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3 Reasons DIY Web Templates Don’t Always Offer Real Value

Published: November 21, 2017

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It used to be the case that when I met with a business owner for the first time, they were deciding whether to work with me or another Philadelphia business web designer. Recently, though, I’ve talked to some clients who had considered using do-it-yourself website templates. I’ve even had the chance to build sites for a few who have tried them and been disappointed.

I suspect other web designers are going through the same thing. It’s not that web templates don’t have their place – they can be a great answer for someone who has a startup home business and no budget to work with. For business owners and entrepreneurs who are serious about attracting customers, though, DIY websites don’t really offer great value.

To understand why you’re better off working with a professional and established web designer, here are three things you have to know and remember…

#1 Web Templates Aren’t Custom Websites

On television ads and online demos, template companies make it look like you can build anything from their existing layouts. In reality, though, you can’t do much more than plug in your own text and photos.

That matters because your website is essentially the focal point of your branding, marketing, and sales efforts. It’s the first (and sometimes only) things a potential customer will see before contacting you or deciding whether to work with your company. For that reason, you want to have one that’s aligned with your market and personality. Otherwise, your business can come off looking like any other company.

#2 Templates Can Present Technical Problems

Naturally, website templates have to be built for as many possible uses or customer types as they can be. That means they have to have a lot of different features, like shopping cart plug-ins, scheduling apps, and so on.

The problem with all of these features is that they add extra bits of code to the website that most businesses won’t need. That code can cause conflicts with browsers, slow down your pages, or cause pages to load incorrectly on mobile devices. It can also lead to crashes and security risks. Those are all problems you don’t need, especially when they are attached to features you might not ever need or use in your business.

#3 Web Design Value is In the Marketing

Even if the first two points I’ve made weren’t real, DIY web templates would still be a poor solution for most companies. That’s because the real value of a new website is in the ongoing marketing and promotion that comes with it.

A good web designer is going to help you attract visits through Google, email, and even social media sites like Facebook or Twitter. Without that work, you have “just another website.” That isn’t going to help you boost your sales or bottom-line profits, regardless of how good the pages look.

It’s always nice to think about getting something for a lot less money than you would expect, but DIY web templates come with a steep price. You may not pay up front, but chances are using one will cost you quite a bit more than you might have realized in the long run.

If you’re looking for a Philadelphia web designer who can get your business the customized website and online marketing plan you need, contact Biondo Creative today to set up a free consultation!