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Pandora Advertising with Biondo Creative

Pandora is a music discovery platform offering users the ability to create customized stations based on their specific music preferences; Pandora has highly trained musicologists analyze hundreds of attributes for each recording which powers Pandora’s proprietary Music Genome Project®, delivering billions of hours of personalized music tailored to the tastes of each music listener, full of discovery, making artist/fan connections at unprecedented scale.

Pandora has more than 5 million total subscribers and it offers many possibilities for advertisers looking to increase brand awareness and reach using Pandora advertising options. Pandora was founded by musicians with the purpose – to unleash the infinite power of music by connecting artists and fans, whether through earbuds, car speakers, live on stage or anywhere fans want to experience it.

Our new Pandora Advertising offering allows business owners the opportunity to target users at work, at home and on the move.  If you are looking to increase your digital advertising, consider advertising on Pandora with Biondo Creative.

Targeting Options

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location (City, State, Zip Code, DMA, MSA)

Learn more about Pandora Advertising by filling out the form on this page or calling us at 267-362-9321.

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