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On Demand Streaming Video & Audio

On Demand Streaming Video and Audio

Stream On Demand

On Demand Streaming Video & Audio allows users to visit your web site and watch a video or listen to audio at their convenience.  Your audio or video files reside on our highly scalable streaming servers. On Demand Streaming is a great way to deliver web casts on demand to large groups of users. We offer On Demand Streaming Video & Audio Hosting in several formats.

On-Demand Formats Supported:

  • HTTP
  • Windows Media
  • RealMedia
  • Quicktime
  • Flash Video
  • MPEG2
  • MPEG4
  • WinAmp / Shoutcast

Suggested Applications:

  • On-demand streaming
  • Multimedia delivery
  • Multimedia archives
  • Band and music web sites
  • Content delivery & “Heavy Media”
  • Corporate addresses/meetings
  • MPEG downloads
  • Podcast support
  • IPTV Set-top Box Providers
  • Terrestrial TV Stations
  • Online-only TV Stations
  • Video Clip Streaming Services
  • Movie/Video Download Services
  • Movie Studios
  • Flash Media Server Streaming
  • What do you get with your account?
  • FTP account for uploading your content
  • Scalable Storage account
  • Scalable Streaming server Channel

Why Biondo Creative?

There is a difference between a pro and a hobbyist.

Sure you can save money doing it yourself and fudging your way through it.  There are a lot of brilliant people out there and great help documents to guide them.  In the end, the question isn’t, should manage your own web server?  The question is, why would you want to?  A poorly performing website can cost your business valuable time and money.  Contact our hosting team for web hosting that:

  • Supports Windows, Linux and WordPress Hosting technologies that can grow with your business.
  • Builds reliability into the infrastructure to keep your website up and running at peak performance.
  • Supports server side programming languages like Microsoft.NET (C# / VB.NET) and PHP.

Stay Informed with Biondo Creative

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What Services do you offer?

We currently offer the following services.

Services offered by Biondo Creative

Web Services

  • Domain Registration
  • Online Stores & Ecommerce
  • Web Design & Redesign
  • Web Hosting

Streaming Media Services

  • Flash Video Streaming
  • Live Streaming Video
  • On Demand Streaming
  • Podcast Hosting


  • Digital Strategy
  • Google Analytics
  • PPC Marketing Campaigns
  • Social Media Management
  • Video Production

Get to know us
Biondo Creative is recognized all over the world. Wherever you see the Biondo Creative logo you can expect first-class solutions and excellent service from people who care. Our name has come to represent innovation, a customer-focused approach and reliability.

Can I benefit from the latest interactive technology?
At Biondo Creative we are committed to a consistently high level of investment in research and development. In this way we have continued to create pioneering interactive technologies adding value to businesses the world over.

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