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What’s more important than price? Here are some of the issues you should take into consideration when evaluating the right budgetary and branding fit.

Here’s a checklist you should keep in mind when choosing a reliable web design provider:

  • Excellence – Does the web design company understand all of the phases of design including brainstorming, wireframing, prototyping, usability testing, performance testing?  Do they scrutinize every pixel of your site?
  • Expertise – Have the designers experienced working across industries? Are they knowledgeable about the latest design trends and do they know what it takes to make your website perform well?
  • Reputation – Does the web design provider have a long history and can the company provide references?
  • Tailored Solution – Make sure that the service you receive meets your specific business needs.

There are various pricing options available depending on the complexity of your website:

Website Design - Local BusinessesInformational websites were the first type of sites to hit the Internet.  Their sole purpose is to help people and organizations get information about a topic, product or service. Some companies also refer to these type of sites as Brochure websites.

Brochure websites are many times used as an online extension of your businesses marketing collateral.  Its how many companies start out with their web presence.  Nowadays many companies compliment their website with social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube to ultimately extend their reach.

A good Informational Website should be:

  • Call-to-action – Create well-written, easy to skim content that helps your visitors find what they need fast and create a call to action to drive the visitor to contact you.
  • Visually Engaging – Use photos and art to communicate and reinforce your message.
  • Mobile Friendly – More than 55% of web traffic is mobile today.  Sites like even tell users that a site is mobile friendly so they know the experience will be good.
  • Reliable – Built for speed and maximum availability.  Hosted using current cloud technology and not in a dorm room.

Online Stores that generate ROIOnline stores are commonplace today and it is likely that you have purchased a product at online retailers like, or  According to the Internet Retailer you aren’t the only one.  In 2014 web sales totaled $304.91 billion, which is up 15.4% from the prior year. Online store websites are also called eCommerce sites and their main objective is to provide your visitors with the ability to browse your products and purchase them online using a credit card, PayPal or even emerging currency like Bitcoin.

Excellent Online Stores include the following attributes:

  • Secure – Online shopping is built on trust and users want to make sure their information is protected, PCI compliant and encrypted using the latest technology.
  • Quick Load Times – You could lose 40% of your shoppers if your site takes more than three seconds to load.  Designing for speed is more important than ever today.
  • Mobile Friendly – More than 55% of people shop from their smart phones and tablets.  If your Online Store isn’t designed to be mobile friendly you are leaving money on the table.
  • Content Rich – Include descriptions, weight, fabrics, pictures, reviews & more.
  • Easy Check Out – Don’t force users to sign up for an account before getting the sale.  Get the sale and then offer to sign the user up for an account in one to two clicks.

Responsive Web Design helps people access your websiteResponsive Websites are growing in popularity today because of the increasing number of people that use their smartphones and tables to browse the web.  Responsive design allows your website to morph to fit different screen sizes and resolutions.  If your website design is more than three years old there is a good chance you may not have a responsive website.  Some companies offer Responsive Design as an alternative to creating native mobile applications for iOS, Windows Phone and Android.

Good Responsive websites include the following attributes:

  • Optimized for Speed – Files are optimized for fast download and caching is used to speed up the user experience.
  • Mobile First – Sites are designed with the mobile user in mind to only show things that will enhance the mobile user experience.  Parts of the page that are redundant or too graphic heavy are eliminated in favor of speed.
  • Easy to Skim – Pages are written with descriptive headlines that communicate the main message of your content.

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